AJ v RUIZ JR, the rematch?

Where should the rematch be? 

Picture taken by myself at MSG, New York
June 1st 2019 the boxing world was in shock when Anthony Joshua lost his world heavyweight titles to Andy Ruiz Jr, a man who many suggested would be blown away in 4 rounds or less.
The day after I was sat in an irish-bar in New York when former 3 x world title challenger Matthew Macklin walked in, I caught Matt for a very brief chat as he was working on the commentary team for Sky at Madison Square Gardens the evening of the fight,  it was clear to see he could not believe what had happened, my final words to Matt  “Roll on the rematch”.
As boxing fans and for those excited for the rematch we have all undoubtedly asked ourselves and others “Do you think he’ll win the rematch?” and “Where do you think it will be?”.  Well, where should it be? Andy Ruiz is now the champion and won the fight in spectacular fashion as hard as it is to say that as a fan of Anthony Joshua and somebody who pushes British Boxing at every given opportunity.
We do not know what is in the contract or the rematch clause but from what Eddie Hearn (AJ’s promoter) and Team AJ have said it seems they have the power, in fact they only have to let Andy Ruiz Jr know where and when the fight is, is this fair? You could could argue both sides, Andy Ruiz is now the champ’ and he should call the shots or Anthony Joshua gave Andy Ruiz the opportunity to fight for all of his belts in an iconic night at the world famous MSG and he signed the fight knowing what was in the contract regarding the rematch clause, you decide?
Ruiz has made a few comments to media in America claiming he’s the ‘A Side’ and the fight will be where he wants it to be, he has also recently tweeted saying that he is not coming to the UK after things have been unfolding with events in the heavyweight division.
Regardless of all the social media reports, the media interviews, the drama, the politics, we as boxing fans just want to see the fight, but my final question for you is: Where should the rematch be?

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