Episode with Tris Dixon

Last week we were joined on the British Boxing Talk Podcast, by former Boxing News editor, Tris Dixon.

As well as being the former Boxing News editor, Tris is also an author of multiple boxing books and a presenter for BT Sport’s Boxing events and host of his own podcast ‘Boxing Life Stories‘.

Tris joined us to discuss all things boxing and we covered a lot of bases. As well as firing our own individual questions at Tris, we also discusses this weeks “talking points” with him, which included:

  • whether or not we think boxing politics is improving due to the extensive media coverage in this day & age
  • what era of boxing produced the best fighters and fights
  • the current state of the BBBoC and whether or not it could do with becoming more modernised…

Plus a few more!

It was a great conversation that we had with Tris and it was really interesting to get behind the eyes of a man that’s been in and around the sport for many, many years.

First as an amateur boxer himself and then as a writer and journalist, travelling the world to speak to, interview and spend time with some of boxing’s greatest fighters, trainers and officials.

Many thanks to Tris for taking the time to speak with us and for sharing his opinions, you can check out the episode here & whilst you’re at it, you can also check out Tris’ podcast!

Specific links to both podcasts will be shared below:

Apple Podcasts: British Boxing Talk / Boxing Life Stories

Spotify Podcasts: British Boxing Talk / Boxing Life Stories

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