Episode with Stefy Bull

Stefy Bull, former fighter; now small hall promoter and boxing trainer to the likes of Teri Harper and Gavin McDonnell joined us on this weeks episode of the British Boxing Talk Podcast!

Stefy’s female WBC & IBO world champion, Teri Harper is set to face 2012 Olympian Natasha Jonas, as the main event on 7th August on the Matchroom show, situated in Eddie Hearn’s back garden… This event itself is an unprecedented one, of whichย Stefy says, will be spoken about for years to come.

We had a really good; in-depth discussion with Stefy who provided us with a different view on certain talking points that we hadn’t previously considered!

Being a promoter, Stefy explained just how much work goes into putting on a professional boxing show and also detailed and broke down the costs which go into putting the shows together – when it’s all broken down in such a way; it really does make you think about how hard life must be as a fighter and particularly as a promoter.

We covered so much in our interview with Stefy Bull, including:

  • Ways to make ‘Area’ titles more appealing and sought after
  • Fighters that could’ve/should’ve won world titles
  • Dream match-ups
  • The potential of bigger TV promoters inviting small hall promoters to put their shows on their channels

We also, as always, fired our questions at Stefy who answered them with such detail that this is an episode that you really won’t want to miss!

Many thanks to Stefy for taking the time to speak to us and for discussing this weeks talking points…

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