Episode with Ryan Rhodes

Ryan Rhodes, former British and European champion, as well as World title challenger, joined us on the show last week where we had a great opportunity to speak to him about his own career and also discuss this weeks talking points; getting his point of view on boxing today!

We spoke to Ryan about his own career as a professional, which started off back in 1995. He spoke about training with the legendary Brendan Ingle and divulged into how that has shaped him as a trainer, as well as his work with Dave Caldwell later on in his career.

Ryan Rhodes, was an excellent fighter, who had famous fights with the likes of: Jamie Moore, Gary Lockett, Paul “Silky” Jones and the last few years of his career – Canelo Alvarez. Ryan tells us all about his contest with a young Canelo out in Mexico and all of the contests in which he felt he learnt the most…

As well as discussing Ryan’s own career as a fighter and now as a trainer, we also spoke to him about a lot of important things going on in boxing right now and we covered things like: the importance of small hall shows, the best tacticians to lace up a pair of gloves and we also found out which 5 fighters Ryan would have sitting with him at a dinner table if he ever got the chance.

Ryan was a pleasure to speak to and it was great to get more of an insight into the former fighter, champion and trainer – if you’d be interested in hearing more and learning about Ryan Rhodes, his career and what it was like training in the famous Wincobank around a multitude of other champions; then click the link here and be sure to check out the 120th release of the British Boxing Talk Podcast!


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