Racism & Equality in Boxing

“The elephant in the room” was addressed in the latest episode of the British Boxing Talk Podcast and we decided that due to current circumstances, it was important for us to discuss racism and equality within the world of boxing.

In America in particular right now, there are many protests surrounding black lives matter after the death of George Floyd just over a week ago; so we felt it was right to bring the topic of racism up and see how it affects the sport of boxing today, as well as how it affected it many years ago.

To help us discuss this matter, we had Dean Whyte (brother to Dillian Whyte) and also a former guest of ours, world title challenger – Wayne Alexander.

Throughout the episode, we spoke about the current state of racism and equality in boxing; we also talked about fighters of the past who stood up against racism and fought for equality. We briefly cover the origins of world titles and how there were separate titles for white men and for black men and how Jack Johnson essentially ended that separation in the heavyweight ranks.

As well as the above points, we also spoke about how racism in other sports compares to boxing and voiced our opinions on why certain sports suffer from more racism and inequality than others.

All-in-all, it was a very interesting show and was all around a topic that we felt had to be discussed right now…

Please do check out this episode and be sure to get behind the Black Lives Matter movement, through donations if possible or through the signing of petitions. We’re living in the year of 2020 and there’s absolutely no room or place for racism!

Check out the episode here

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