Episode with Jamie Moore

After our technical mishap last week, we were finally able to get the British boxing legend, Jamie Moore, on the show!

Jamie let us know all his thoughts on the “behind the scenes” kind of shows that some of his fighters are going to be boxing on over the next few months. He also spoke to us about his process for training fighters and also what he learnt the most from being a fighter, that he’s taken with him to his journey as a professional trainer.

The former British & European champion told us all about the importance of the psychological side of boxing, how it’s vital as a fighter to be able to train around injuries and also how too often people are obsessed with being fit and don’t work enough on training their mind and their understanding of boxing.

As well as discussing what is required of a fighter, Jamie also discussed the fighters he’s worked with and is currently working with – we covered Carl Frampton’s upcoming bout, we heard about Dave Allen doing his first run in 9 years, we discussed young talent Aqib Fiaz and also touched on the excitement of training Tommy Coyle.

During this episode it was refreshing to hear Jamie talk about the relationship he has with his fighters. Contrary to our discussion on the podcast the week before, Jamie doesn’t want contracts with his boxers and he explained why with good reason…

To hear why Jamie doesn’t believe in fighter-trainer contracts and to get more of an insight into the 2018 Trainer of the Year, be sure to check out the full episode by clicking hereย or by downloading the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or any other major podcast platform!

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