Tyson Fury – “El Rey Gitano” – The First Ever Non-Mexican Mayan Champion?

The Gypsy King” or “El Rey Gitano” as his name is spoken in the Spanish tongue, will be the first ever non-Mexican fighter to fight for the WBC Mayan belt this weekend, on a very significant date for Mexican’s around the world…

This weekend is the Mexican Independence Weekend, with Mexico’s actual independence day falling on Monday 16th September. 

This date is important to Mexico as it signifies the day in which a speech was given calling Mexican people to arms against their Spanish rulers and what followed was over a decade of war, until victory was achieved by the Mexican people.

Therefore, this honour of fighting for a Mayan belt, is something that Tyson Fury is not taking lightly and he is embracing the Mexican spirit and culture throughout the build up to this fight!

We have seen photographs and videos of “El Rey Gitano” sporting the traditional Mexican wrestling masks during public workouts, as well as being welcomed into the ring by Mariachi music and the Mexican flag.

Fury is building up his fan base in the US and with so many Mexican boxing fan’s in that part of the world, these little things will surely mean a lot. “The Gypsy King” will walk into the ring in his planned rematch against Wilder with the crowd fully backing and supporting him, even more so thanks to his Mexican inspired antics!

In fact, it was Tyson Fury himself that suggested he boxed on the Independence weekend when he realised that superstar – Canelo Alvarez – wouldn’t be…

”When we heard Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez would not be fighting in Las Vegas on this weekend I thought what a shock. This has been a special weekend for many years. I thought the Mexican people will not have a main event so I brought my fight date forward four weeks.”

Not only will Fury be the first ever non-Mexican fighter to box for the WBC Mayan title, but he will also be the first man from a traveller family to do so; putting him in an ever higher regard within the Gypsy community. 

Fury also believes that the fact that he’s a traveller makes him feel even closer to the Mexican people, due to the way he experienced life growing up as a traveller in England; sighting it as very similar to the way that Mexican’s are treated in the USA…

A Mexican Tradition

Although these WBC Mayan titles are a fairly new concept, the tradition of fighting on the Mexican Independence weekend is not… 

Over 25 years ago, a certain Julio Cesar Chavez took on the late; great Pernell Whittaker, in an enthralling fight in front of 60,000 fans, looking to use the Mexican independence weekend celebrations to spur him on. 

This tradition was followed years later by the “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya and thereafter two legends by the names of Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. 

Amongst those great list of Mexican fighters however, a certain character who went by the name of “Money”, stole the limelight for many’a year on the Mexican Independence holiday weekends, but soon after, rising star Canelo Alvarez took over the mantle and has since, deemed himself to be the main attraction on every Mexican holiday.

So, for Tyson Fury to be among those elite fighters from the land of Mexico, is truly an honour and one that he will be well aware of…

Providing Fury can put on a show against Otto Wallin and continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of the Mexican and American fans; then I don’t see why Fury couldn’t become a main attraction for future Mexican Independence days!

“I’ve got the Mexican shorts, the Mexican gloves, the Mexican mask, the Mexican music, the Mexican flag. I don’t know how much more respect I can show.” – Tyson Fury


(Photo credit: Mikey Williams & Top Rank)

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