Does It Matter Where the Anthony Joshua vs. Andy Ruiz Rematch Takes Place?

With no official announcement having been made as of yet, fans are left wandering where exactly the rematch will be held between Andy Ruiz Junior and Anthony Joshua…

The two most likely venues, according to AJ’s promoter Eddie Hearn, however, are: New York (Madison Square Garden) and Cardiff (The Principality Stadium).

The big question is, is does it matter where the rematch takes place?

A lot of fans – myself included – would suggest that yes, it’s vitally important (at least for the benefit of Joshua’s further career).

The problem is, is the psychological side of it all. Almost everyone could see in Joshua’s eyes and mannerisms that he wasn’t the same fighter the night he fought Ruiz Junior that he had been on every other occasion in his professional career.

AJ was hurt and subsequently stopped after dropping Ruiz heavily

Many would argue that, that was because he was taken out of his “comfort” zone of the UK and was somewhat overwhelmed by fighting in America and the prestigious Madison Square Garden.

Regardless of what caused AJ to seem like a totally different fighter (mentally) that night, the result remains the same and he lost in devastating fashion, waving goodbye to his hard earned world titles in the process.

In my eyes, this fightย needsย to happen where it all went wrong those 2 months ago and my reasons are as follows:

  1. To get over that fear/superstition of MSG and America – if AJ wins his titles back in the UK, then that’s great, but what happens the next time he has to fight in the USA? Will superstition come back to haunt him and will the psychological scar of his defeat etch itself into his soul?
  2. To prove his ability and to prove people wrong – regardless of whether or not any credence should be given to the casual fans, AJ will – in an ideal world – want to “right his wrongs” and show people that this was a one off and that he is more than capable of dominating the division. He’ll also want to prove that there aren’t any mental chinks in his armour.
  3. To appeal to the American audience – Brit’sย loveย AJ, there’s no doubt about it! However, with Tyson Fury capturing the hearts of the American people recently and with Deontay Wilder causing enough of a stir to capture the American peoples attention, maybe AJ has gone down a little in their estimations? I think a fight in the US and hopefully a victory for our Olympic hero, will help to re-establish him in the hearts of the American people, aiding him in a big fight with Wilder or a more widely anticipated showdown with “The Gypsy King”

Where the fight is to be held remains to be seen, but it’s probably more than likely that AJ’s team will want the fight to be back here in the UK, so that things “run smoother” and so that the momentum is more on their side.

Where do you think the fight should be held and more importantly, why? Let us know in the comments below!


By Tyler White




(Photo source: Sky Sports & BBC)

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